Mission Statement

The mission of DrySwimCap is to provide men, women, and children the opportunity to swim in any environment with maximum comfort and style by using our superior quality swim cap. Keeping 98% of hair dry from water, saltwater, and chemicals such as chlorine, our superior quality dry swim cap allows for hassle-free management of hair styles year-round while enjoying the many benefits of swimming.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where all people can choose to exercise or play in water and be worry free about their hair. DrySwimCap was created to protect hair from getting wet or damaged from chemicals, thus saving you time and money.

From CEO

None of us should have to choose between exercising or playing in water and maintaining their favourite hairstyle. Many women, including myself, are hesitant to go swimming because it requires dealing with many hair issues such as styling, blow drying, washing and curling. Addressing these involves time and having to carry hair styling items. Now, close your eyes, imagine taking laps in the pool or at the beach, you come out, remove the patented dry swim cap, get dressed and go. Hassle free maintenance!